Funeral Arrangements

When a death occurs it almost always takes us by surprise and it is never an easy time. You are always welcome to talk to us around the time of the death of a loved one. When it comes to the practicalities, to arrange a funeral in the first instance you should contact a funeral director who will advise you of the process and then liaise with the Church to find a time for the service either at church or at the crematorium which is suitable for all concerned.

God’s love and power extend over all creation. Every life, including our own, is precious to God. Christians have always believed that there is hope in death as in life and that there is new life in Christ over death.

Even those who share such faith find there is a real sense of loss at the time of the death of a loved one. We will each have had our own experiences of their life and death, with different memories and different feelings of love, grief and respect. The funeral service will acknowledge this and be an occasion for those present to express their faith and feelings as we say farewell and to acknowledge the feelings of loss and sorrow as we commend the departed into the hands of God.

Funeral Services should be arranged with the Vicar. 

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