Baptisms - also called Christenings.

What is Baptism/Christening?

Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan and this was a turning point in his life – you can read the story in the Bible at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel in the New Testament. Jesus told his followers to baptise others as a sign that they had turned away from their old life, and begun a new life as Christ’s disciples. In a Baptism we use water and a candle as symbols of this new life.

We love Baptisms & Christenings!

People come for a Baptism or bring their children for Baptism/Christening for all sorts of reasons and whatever you are looking for, you are very welcome, and we would be delighted to support you in the details. If your child is over the age of four or you are wanting Baptism as an adult then we would hope you might be doing this as parents/adults who are exploring joining our church, and look forward to talking about what this might mean for you.

Our Baptism services usually happen after our main Sunday service at 11.30 am. If you want to talk with us about Baptism then please visit us at a church service one Sunday morning, the service starts at 10am and lasts about an hour. If this isn’t possible or you’d like a chat first, do contact Rev. Beccy at for more details

For more general information take a look at this website – https://churchofenglandchristenings.or